Hot Tub, Spa & Whirlpool System Cleaner Complete System Flush 1L Jacuzzi

Hot Tub, Spa & Whirlpool System Cleaner Complete System Flush 1L Jacuzzi

Hot Tub, Spa & Whirlpool System Cleaner Complete System Flush 1L Jacuzzi

Hot Tub, Spa & Whirlpool. Deep Cleaning & Sterilisation of the Whole System.

Removes Grime, Germs, Oils, Bacteria & Smells. Keep Jets, Surfaces & Pipework Hygienic & Clean.

Keep your Hot Tub, Spa or Whirlpool Bath System, Jets & Pipework hygienic & clean with CrystalClear System Flush. Keeping the System clean will also extend the life of the tub.

Safe to use on all Hot Tubs including Plastic, Chrome & Enamel. Ideal for use at water changes. Before closing down/opening up your tub for the season. Helps clear dirt, grime & smells.

Kills & removes bacteria & help reduce regrowth. Tested for use on most types of Hot Tubs & Spa. Crystal Clear - Hot Tub, Spa & Whirlpool System Flush is a liquid cleaner that will help kill and remove bacteria, germs, dirt, grime, oils and smells from your tub's surfaces, jets and pipework.

Tested for safe use on most types of Hot Tubs including Enamel, Plastic and Chrome. An ideal solution for using at each tub water change (2-3months) or for using just before emptying the tub - when closing it down for the season. Also ideal to use when opening up your tub for the season, especially if it wasn't cleaned before the last shut-down. Used regularly it can help prolong/extend the life of the hot tub system.

Remove the filter and close any air control valves. Depending on the size of the tub (250ml small 4 person tub) or (500ml large 4+ person tub) pour the recommended amount of liquid into the Hot Tub water. Turn on the Hot Tub's main system pumps (to maximum if it has low/high settings) for between 30 and 60 minutes. After time is up, drain the water from the tub rinsing the inside walls of the tub with clean water from a hose pipe or watering can as the tub is near to emptying. Wipe inner surfaces clean with a soft dry cloth or tea towel.

Refill the tub - if using the tub again, making sure all the dirty water has completely gone from the initial clean and emptying process. Otherwise leave the tub empty and cover up for the season if not reusing. Use every 2 to 3 months when the tub is in continuous use. Follow the instructions above for hot tubs using the 250ml measurement of liquid and running the main pumps for approx 30 minutes.

This Listing is for a 1 Litre Bottle. This 1L bottle is an ideal size for use all year round and regular cleaning of your Hot Tub, Spa or Whirlpool Bath. Based on a large Hot Tub and an initial clean using 500ml & 2 further cleans using 250ml. This product has corrosive properties always read the warnings on the labels before use. Store locked up in a cool, dry place with cap screwed on tight.

Recommended: Wear rubber gloves and eye protection. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Always add chemicals to water not vise-versa.

Please allow a little longer during the current pandemic situation. Package Includes: 1x 1 Litre container of CrystalClear System Flush Cleaning Liquid. Packaging & Container are completely recyclable and may vary from images shown. We aim to respond to you within 24 hours and do our best to help you out!

To kill algae and keep it at bay, treat water with a cost effective algaecide. For water that is particularly green & having a very high algae content it may be necessary to shock treat the water first with an good quality Granular Chlorine.

Also used for daily disinfection of Pool, Spa & Hot Tub water. For those who like to add tablets to a floating dispenser try our 20g Multi-functional Chlorine Tablets with added algaecide & clarifier for daily disinfection of Pool, Spa & Hot Tub water. For the clearance of cloudy water and to make the water sparkling again try a clarifier. Clarifiers bind together tiny particles of dead skin cells and dirt that are too small to be trapped by a filter system and clump them together so the filter can trap them.

NATURAL CHEMICAL FREE CLARIFIER one of the most cost effective on the market and Chemical Free! The item "Hot Tub, Spa & Whirlpool System Cleaner Complete System Flush 1L Jacuzzi" is in sale since Saturday, March 20, 2021. This item is in the category "Garden & Patio\Swimming Pools, Saunas & Hot Tubs\Pool Chemicals & Testing\Pool Chemicals & Clarifiers". The seller is "mazza6878" and is located in Nottingham.

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Hot Tub, Spa & Whirlpool System Cleaner Complete System Flush 1L Jacuzzi

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