Trojan Cascade 6 8 Jet Whirlpool Bath White Acrylic 1700 x 700 mm Jacuzzi Spa

Trojan Cascade 6 8 Jet Whirlpool Bath White Acrylic 1700 x 700 mm Jacuzzi Spa
Trojan Cascade 6 8 Jet Whirlpool Bath White Acrylic 1700 x 700 mm Jacuzzi Spa
Trojan Cascade 6 8 Jet Whirlpool Bath White Acrylic 1700 x 700 mm Jacuzzi Spa
Trojan Cascade 6 8 Jet Whirlpool Bath White Acrylic 1700 x 700 mm Jacuzzi Spa
Trojan Cascade 6 8 Jet Whirlpool Bath White Acrylic 1700 x 700 mm Jacuzzi Spa

Trojan Cascade 6 8 Jet Whirlpool Bath White Acrylic 1700 x 700 mm Jacuzzi Spa

Call a bathroom expert on 0844 8112 321. Trojan Cascade 6 8 Jet Whirlpool Bath White Acrylic 1700 x 700 mm Jacuzzi Spa. The Trojan Cascade has been our most popular bath for many years but we wanted to make it a little better. So we added a whirlpool system to it in order to create a new level of ultimate luxury. Depth - 395mm (at deepest point).

The Trojan Cascade Bath is manufactured from high quality 5mm acrylic. The bath is constructed in the United Kingdom and can hold an estimate 165 litres up to the overflow.

The minimalistic contemporary style of the Trojan Cascade bath make it a must have for all modern homes. Our whirlpool systems are manufactured in our own warehouse by a Koller Whirlpool Installation Expert. We have the highest quality parts at our disposal and each whirlpool part is individually installed by hand to ensure the perfect product. There are many benefits to have a whirlpool bath, not only are they extremely comfortable and relaxing they also have some proven health benefits.

The movement of the water and the heat relaxes muscles and increases blood flow. Our whirlpool systems also can help reduce stress hormones and improve skin tone. You have the option of choosing either a 6 or 8 jet whirlpool system.

Please be advised that due to the installation of a whirlpool system there is a lead time of at least 10 days on every whirlpool bath. If you have any questions please contact our friendly bathroom experts on 0844 8112 321. We do NOT deliver to the following: Scottish Islands, Ireland, HS, KW, ZE. Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of White, PO30-41.

Do I need an extra large bath for a Whirlpool? - No, a majority of our whirlpools are fitted to ordinary baths. - A whirlpool is made by installing jets into the side of a bath through which water is re-circulated using a powerful pump.

The process of pumping water through these Jets causes air to be mixed with the water creating a strong turbulence in the bath. The amount of air can be regulated by turning an "Air" Control on the rim of the bath, enabling the turbulence of the water to be controlled from a gentle to a vigorous massage.

- Jacuzzi is probably the oldest and best known whirlpool Tradename - rather like Hoover is to vacuum cleaners. - Pneumatic switching is a means of remotely operating the on/off switch by means of a puff of air from a bellows incorporated into the on/off control on the bath. Do I need an'In line Heater' to keep the bath water warm?

- Not really, the friction of the water being forced through the pump has a warming effect, In addition the air which is introduced into the venturi is drawn in from around the bath and is therefore warm. As with a normal bath your bath water will gradually become cooler, but as with an ordinary bath all you have to do is to turn on the hot tap for a few moments to restore the temperature!

Are there any medical benefits associated with whirlpool? - A whirlpool is fun and relaxing in addition we have received may letters from customers who have found that their whirlpool has helped with stress, strains, aches and pains, rheumatism & arthritis, circulation & migraines. A word of caution - a whirlpool is not a magic cure-all and it won't give the same benefits for everyone. If you suffer from an ailment you should seek advice from your doctor about any benefit that hydro-massage may have. How much does a whirlpool cost to run?

- A pump on a domestic whirlpool system is normally rated at about 4 amps, 0.37Kw and depending on the cost of a unit of electricity will therefore cost around 3 pence per hour to run. This can be offset against the savings on hot water - The hydro-massage action of a whirlpool breaks down the film of cool water which normally insulates the body in a hot bath, therefore with a whirlpool bath the initial temperature does not need to be as high as an ordinary bath! What is meant by `Pump Protection'? - Pump protection is a device which if it senses the presence of water in the pump allows the pump to be run. Running the pump without water in it could cause it to overheat and damage the pump seals.

What is a `Water Level Cut Out'? - A `Water Level Cut Out' is similar to Pump Protection but will ensure that there is a pre-determined amount of water in the bath before the pump is allowed to run. Will my whirlpool need regular servicing?

- Not really, except for the pump your whirlpool system contains no moving parts. The pump & motor contain high temperature seals designed to last for many hours of continuous running, as your pump will only be operating for regular short bursts of half an hour or so, it will be relatively under-utilised and should give many years of good service. How do I clean a whirlpool bath? - Because a whirlpool re-circulates water from within the bath it is very easy to periodically add a specially formulated cleanser to a bath full of water and re-circulate it through the whole system.

Can I use Aromatherapy oils in a whirlpool bath? The air and water action of a whirlpool bath is one of the most effective means of releasing the true potential of essential oils to work on both the mind and body. In addition a whirlpool bath continually re-circulates the bath water ensuring even distribution of any essential oils added to the bath promoting absorption.

What is the difference between a whirlpool and a spa? - There are two main differences - Action and Cleaning: A whirlpool is Air and Water pumped through jets installed into the sides of the bath whereas a spa system is simply air blown through holes in the bottom of a bath.

A whirlpool system can be thouroughly cleansed by re-circulating a cleansing solution through it. A spa or air bath can normally only be cleansed by filling the bottom of the bath with a sterilising solution and leaving it to soak. Does a whirlpool involve any extra plumbing work? - A plumber installing a bath fitted with our whirlpool system will fit the bath as he would a normal bath. After fitting the bath, all that is necessary is for the electrical connection from the pump to the 13 amp ring main to be made by a qualified electrician.

A whirlpool system does not require any additional plumbing. Do I need a special electrical supply?

- The pump is supplied pre-wired to a pneumatic switch box. Your electrician then has to make a connection from the switch box to the R.

And from there into a convenient point on the 13 amp ring main in your house. Can I use ordinary bubble bath in a whirlpool bath? - A whirlpool bath is like an automatic (body) washing machine - it needs low foaming bubble baths.

You can use ordinary bubble baths if you only use a minute drop - any more and you may float out of the bath on a sea of foam! What sort of guarantee do we get with our whirlpool system? - When we supply a bath fitted with a whirlpool system it is covered by our comprehensive two year parts and labour guarantee. For larger items please refer to listings for more detailed information regarding deliveries.

We use recognised carriers and all deliveries are trackable. Our products are fully supported with manufacturers warranties.

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Trojan Cascade 6 8 Jet Whirlpool Bath White Acrylic 1700 x 700 mm Jacuzzi Spa

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